Monday, August 5, 2013

How To Dry Herbs In The Microwave In Less Than Two Minutes

It's that thyme again! Every two weeks I end up having to trim and dry the oregano. As you can see, it grows pretty quickly. This is with my constant trimming.

Recently, I was asked how I dry out the herbs. I don't know why I hadn't thought of posting before. Luckily, I remembered this time while drying. So, obviously the first step is to cut out the herbs. This is just a regular oregano. I can't remember the exact name but it's likely Greek Oregano. From the one planter I have this variety in, I end up with this much extra every two weeks.

I don't mind trimming. Every time I trim the oregano it comes back fuller and bushy and everything smells like pizza. And pizza is always delicious.

Before I tell you everything, allow me to answer the question you're probably about to ask: Doesn't microwaving reduce the flavor of the oregano? Yes. If you over dry the oregano in the microwave it will lose flavor. The key is to dry the oregano to where you know it's dry, but not so dry it crumbles too easily in your hands. Once you know it's dry, leave it alone. 

Now that I've cut the oregano I lay out the oregano evenly on a paper towel.  Better than this. 

Then I place the oregano in the microwave for 20 seconds. And then I flip it, and in for another 20 seconds. If it's dry but just not quite and you're too scared for another 20 seconds, go with 10.  After repeating this for a 3-4 times the oregano is usually dried out, again without crumbling too easily. 

Now that the herbs are dried from the microwave, I can slide my fingers down through the stems and the leaves will easily slide off. This is a lot easier than me having to go through and trim each and every single fricken leaf. Which I would never do.

Three minutes of trimming and less than two minutes in the microwave, we have fresh dried oregano for pastas, chicken, spaghetti sauce, and all other things equally delicious. 

That's it!

Note: Smaller herbs like thyme cut drying time in the microwave to ten seconds at a time. 

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