Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Art of Homemaking: How to Properly Fold a Towel

I have this issue.

This weird issue that most people don't understand.  I've slacked on the habit lately, I'll admit, but I have a certain little annoying quirk. Ready for it?


 I need the towel to not fall on me every time I pull it out of the closet.  

There's this weird sensation of joy that comes through me after pulling out a freshly spa rolled towel from the linen closet. There's a surge of happiness running through my veins every time I don't have to sloppily push back eighteen lazily pulled out towels that have fallen on my head.

And you know when that happens, your immediate thought is "screw it", you're busy, and so the only thing to really do is to push all eighteen of them back in and just throw it in despite that half hour you spent folding them all.

This prevents that.
This is my happy place.
This is the land of clean, properly folded towels that don't make you scream profanities at a linen closet. 

Now maybe, just maybe, okay perhaps I'm the only one that has actually flipped off the linen closet after slamming it shut. But let's learn to fold a towel anyway. Remember: Do not even waste your time trying to be a perfectionist about the length. It doesn't matter. Nobody gives a crap and you likely won't be able to tell anyway.

I folded this on the kitchen floor because it's the only room I had to take pictures. Do not do that. Except when you're learning. 

1. Fold the towel out flat. 

2. Fold the left and right pieces into the center. 

3. Repeat, folding the sides to the center again.

4. Bring the top corner to the center. 

5. Repeat, but from the bottom.

6. Fold to a half one more time. Your done!

This is close to what the side view should look like. This towel is a little older and has been damaged by someone who decided to use fabric softener in the wash. If your towels are cared for and starched, you will have a firmer fold. 

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