Saturday, June 15, 2013

Keep Clothes New, Purchase Quality Items

Photo Credits; Thank you: Michael & Christa Richert

1. I prefer to wash my jeans by hand, always inside out to keep the color. One sink of half a cap of laundry detergent and hot water. Let it rest for thirty minutes.  Rinse three times the amount with cold water. If they ask you if you want the hangers that hold up the jeans in the thrift store be sure your answer is YES. They are the best way to hang dry your clothing in the bathtub for an hour then up outside in the sun.. or if you’re me, in front of the window.

2. Those holes on the bottom of the pack of the jeans from constantly walking on them are entirely preventable with a needle and thread and about twenty minutes of your time. Since these directions have been given time and time again I will post a link to where I learned how to hem my jeans for the first time years ago.

3. An apron. It sounds so simplistic but as a homemaker/urban homesteader I have learned over the years, that your kids will screw up your clothes. So will cooking and cleaning. And so will baking. So will making bread. And I personally could not care how strange it looks to other people, I like my clothes and damnit if I just bought a shirt yesterday I want to last.

4. A cup of borax and hydrogen peroxide will remove stains and keep the whites whiter. And if you are able to hang them in the sun instead of drying they will keep even longer.

5. Before buying a shirt it is a good idea to check the stitching. In the corner up by the sleeve, pull the fabric and if you see the stitches it’s best to put it back. The shirt isn’t quality. If you can barely see the stitching, then buy the damn thing if it’s on clearance.

6. Whites, darks, colors are all real categories for washing clothes. You can usually buy a hamper of three sets at the dollar store for $3. The wrong color of a brand new shirt can destroy all of your whites. Darks should always be washed on a low cycle with LESS detergent. These are all simple rules that can keep your clothes looking vibrant and new. The more you wash, the more they’ll fade. And I’m sorry but I prefer hand washing for that reason.

7. One very basic rule. The more elastic the fabric and the more “stretchy” it might be, the faster it will ruin.

8. Lights and brights are fun but will quickly waste away without being cared for properly.

Bonus tip: If you want to cut the time in the dryer for your other clothing and you're NOT using softener, throw in a dry thick towel. It should cut the drying time by 15-20 minutes. 

This works especially well for those heavy, thick men's jeans that seem to take FOREVER.

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