Thursday, March 27, 2014

Home Decor Theory 101 with Surama

 It is rightly said, a house is built of bricks and mortar but a home is built of love, warmth and care. Coming back home after a tiring day work is one of the most satisfying triumphs of our daily lives. A person’s aesthetic sense, personality and values are reflected in the home.

It should be decorated so that it harmonizes all the essentials together into a serene atmosphere. It is the innate desire of most of us to adorn our homes, a place which is comfortable, cozy, and neat. The interior of the home reflects the personality and taste of the owner. 

William Morris has nicely quoted, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Interiors that have been done with some underlying elegance have something royal about it. 

Antiques, wooden carvings, potted plants, stoneware, terracotta, furnishings, artifact's, paintings, wall hangings, sculptures display passion.

 Color adds brightness to the vivid views of the landscape. In totality, there is an effect blend of contemporary elements and traditional sensibility that radiates warmth and comfort in a home. It requires a little time and effort to do up a house. A few tips in decorations will help in renovating the rooms in a home. 

Go for wall finishes, wall papers or textured paints. Pastel shades and white look great and provide a sense of uncluttered and neat look. 

• Furniture forms an integral part of decoration. Antique and teak wood is an invaluable possession. 
• Indoor plants when placed in right place add freshness and bright look to the living room. 
• Brass or copper vessels in bigger size can be filled with water and flowers and floating candles can be placed in it at the entrance/foyer. 
• A handicraft work can be placed on a wall to accentuate the area. 
• Mirrors should be placed in areas where there is little space as it creates an illusion. 
• Lampshades with handwork give a unique aesthetic appeal to the room. 

Creative space for the little ones: While planning for an infant, two things that should be kept in mind -- baby’s comfort and mother’s convenience. Rooms should be well lit, airy and should be away from direct sunlight. 

Furniture should be sturdy, compact, easy to clean and free from protruding or sharp edges. Floor space should be sufficient so that as the child grows, toys and other baby supplies can be kept in the room. 

Rooms for teenagers should be furnished in a way that they can entertain their friends. Bed, chest of drawers, desk and table should be arranged to give the teenager a little private space for activity and relaxation. 

Interiors for the elderly: Mobility is a prime concern for them. Wider door facilitates easy movement if one is using a walking and grills should be put in the balcony as they are weak and infirm. Avoid placing sharp edged tables, beds, stools and accessories in their room. 

The furniture should be high so that the person can feel comfortable. Uplifting the decor of the room by choosing a color scheme of their choice and soothing music to their ears beings a smile on their face. 

Special care should be taken while lighting so that the room looks well lit and daytime sunshine reaches the room also. Everything done in the right frame of mind looks aesthetically pleasing!


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